TAP Global — Quiz & AMA

 Tue 22nd. Sep, 2:00 PM
TAP Global

🔹Project tease:
— Tap Global is an easy on/off ramps from fiat to crypto with integrated fiat banking and one touch exchange to crypto!
— BitGo cold wallets with $100m cold storage insurance by Lloyd’s of London and full DLT approval by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.
— FREE prepaid TAP Mastercard for users in the UK and EU, accepted everywhere Mastercard is, allowing global travel with no additional charges or unfavourable FX rates.

🔎 Research the project to be able to both ask and answer questions about it!

🎉 $150 of prizes split between 10 winners: 3 on Twitter and 7 on Telegram (t.me/GainsChat)!

Hint: read (medium.com/@tapngo....) these (cryptodaily.co.uk/2...) four (finextra.com/pressa...) articles (crypto-news-flash.c...) and visit their Website (tap.global/) to learn more.

Website (tap.global/)
Telegram (t.me/officialtapngo)
Medium (medium.com/@tapngo....)
Twitter (twitter.com/tapoffi...)
IOS app (apps.apple.com/app/...)
Android app (play.google.com/sto...)