Frequestly Asked Questions


What is GAINS about?

GAINS is one of the biggest and most respected crypto communities, created over 2 years ago. We have raised several millions of dollars for many ICOs and we organize fun events with companies so that you can learn more about crypto and blockchain. During these events, participants can compete for prizes sometimes worth over $1,000 by asking questions or showcasing their knowledge! Our members get the chance to invest in the latest and best crypto projects with terms they wouldn’t be able to get as individuals. Our platform allows you to easily keep track of all your investments.

Why the name GAINS?

GAINS stands for Group Action Is Never Small, embodying the pooling and collaboration concepts which are also the essence of blockchain and decentralization. We also chose it because we’re obviously here to chase big GAINS :p

How is GAINS different from other communities?

We believe in quality over quantity. Instead of offering a constant flow of deals, most of which would result in a loss of over 90% because they were rushed into and lacked proper research, we offer much fewer deals but of much higher quality. We’re the only crypto community in the world to provide both events that involve interaction with crypto companies and investment opportunities. These events give us a unique understanding of the crypto and blockchain space which helps make more educated investment decisions.

Is the platform free?

The platform and the registration are totally free, we take a small fee on the pools people contribute to.


How does the pool process work on the platform?

When a new project is available, you will find it in the pool section under “Upcoming Pools” with a full description of the project and the deal we have in order for you to decide whether you want to invest. You will have the option to pledge for the project, allowing us to gauge the interest. If we run a pool afterwards, you will see it in the “Ongoing” section with the starting date and a contribution link once it’s live, letting you contribute in just a few clicks.

How do I contribute?

When a pool is ongoing, you will be able to click on “Contribute” and get the contribution link(s). Just follow the instructions from there, it should be fast and easy but if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for help in chat. We mainly use Primablock. Primablock is the most used platform in crypto for fundraising purposes and uses a fully audited smart contract that makes it safe and secure. Never send funds from exchanges, only send from addresses you have full control over.

How do I add my wallet addresses?

Under the "My Wallet" section you will be able to add, delete and visualize your ETH addresses. To be able to safely link the address to your account and be sure that the address belongs to you, we will ask you to sign a message with your address. The process is fast, simple and explained in the relevant section. More details can also be found here. Having registered addresses will allow you to pledge, contribute and then track all your investments.

Where can I see my pool contributions?

Under the “My Investments” section, you will have access to all your past contributions from the addresses you’ve added to the platform, which can be done at any point in time. You will have a detailed view for each project with the total contribution, amount of tokens expected, schedule of the distribution and more.

How and when do I get my tokens?

Once the tokens are available you will receive them directly to your contributing address. If anything else is required from the contributor in some particular cases, you will receive an email explaining the process. The tokens will be distributed once we get them from the project or the token owner which usually happens directly after the official distribution date.


What are the events GAINS organizes?

GAINS organizes AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and quizzes. We also have many other entertaining events to come.

What do I get from participating in GAINS’ events?

GAINS’ events are a unique opportunity to interact in a fun way with busy project leaders who make time for our community. Some of these events are akin to a friendly competition: participants showcase their knowledge and the best are rewarded with a prize.

How does an AMA work?

Someone with a clear understanding of the project, its current status and direction for the future (usually one of the founders or a C-level executive) comes in our community and answers questions asked by our members.

How does a quiz work?

A quiz is essentially a reverse AMA: the project representative asks tailored questions spanning business, tech, strategy and more. Our members then answer them in the best way they can, casually chatting and cracking jokes in between.


How do I talk about crypto and interact with other members?

We have a community of several thousand members on Telegram and Discord. After joining, you will be able to discuss projects, deals and crypto in general with experienced crypto enthusiasts which will help you get a better grasp of this complex ecosystem.

I want to submit my crypto project to GAINS, how do I get in touch?

If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss your project and how we could help or for any other inquiries, please go to our contact page or reach out to us via LinkedIn or Telegram (preferred).

How can I get updates regarding new events or pools?

Whenever a pool is available or a change occurs (pledges are open, contributions are available, etc.), you will receive an email notifying you about the change. The same goes for events we host. You will be able to enable or disable the notifications under the “Settings” section in the “Notifications” tab. All the updates will also be posted on our social media platforms: Telegram, Discord, Facebook and others.

My native language is not English, can I still participate?

The language of the main chat is English but we do have many welcoming groups for local communities. We support numerous languages, you can find the list here.